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Smart Pole Systems for 5G and IoT  – UK and Ireland special

14th January 2021  12:00 GMT


Accelerate the 5G rollout in the United Kingdom and Ireland with smart pole systems and at the same time provide a platform for IoT Smart City applications – all of this at existing street lighting locations! Not possible?


Of course it is – and Daniel Brand shows how to
in this webinar!

What makes sensible smart pole systems and why are they the basis for digitizing urban space?

 They help to develop new 4G and 5G macro locations.
√  Connect the world of TelCo’s and of IoT applications.
√  Offer a future-proof platform for smart city applications.

Daniel Brand explains the basic structure of the new Smart Pole System from LIGMAN Evolve and shows use cases such as powerful 5G macro cells next to IoT-based smart city applications and existing street lights can be accommodated.

What do you need to take part in the free webinar using ZOOM?
– Computer, tablet or smartphone
– Telephone or headset (recommended, but not mandatory)
– Internet connection

Webinar Details:
Thursday January 14’th 2021 at 12:00 GMT – Smart pole systems – UK and IE special
Duration 45 Minutes

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