With us you will reliably implement your Smart City Project and at the same time receive fresh impulses and innovative ideas.

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Daniel Brand and his team is your strategical technology partner for customized, innovative IoT- and Smart City solutions.

We support both IoT development projects as well as the City in realizing their digitalization projects. As consultants with the experience of many years in connected systems we are your team for your future proofed Smart City solutions.

+49 (0)5141 96699090

Mr. Brand combines entrepreneurial mindset with solid technical knowledge. It’s fun and enjoyable to work constructively with him.


Axel van de Loo - Engineering office van de Loo, Germany

I used to work together with Daniel in the outdoor lighting business, where Daniel
was in charge of the controls part. He was very customer focused and always finding
a fitting technical solution.

Antoine de Ryckel - CEO at Calyos, Belgium

Together with Mr. Brand we have realized our first projects in outdoor lighting controls. I would love to come back on his many years of experience!

Martin Hardt - City of Bergisch Gladbach, Head of Traffic Areas

+49 (0)5141 96699090

LIGMAN Evolve signs strategic partnership with Daniel Brand to roll out world-leading, 5G Smart City Pole Systems

LIGMAN Evolve is part of the LIGMAN group of companies, it has been formed to develop world-leading, Smart City – Smart Pole systems that provide their clients with a series of communication enclosure platforms suitable for a combination of Mini-macro, Macro and Small Cell equipment, covering 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi. The LIGMAN EVOLUTION pole system consists of a modular design giving the owner the flexibility to install basic infrastructure and add 4G and 5G components as required by telecommunications providers.

Daniel Brand, located in Germany, will be the first contact in Western Europe for cities, telcos and utilities who are looking for smart solutions to accelerate 4G and 5G network roll-outs.

  • “I have worked with Daniel for many years and I am pleased to continue
    my association with him for our new portfolio of highly functional, Smart City poles.”

    Trevor Leighton
    Managing Director of LIGMAN Evolve, Australia

+49 (0)5141 96699090

Digital Streetlights everywhere with CLSM technology

Clever software and just a few components enable the CLSM system to digitize street lighting even in urban areas where the use of expensive control systems does not pay off.  An intelligent algorithm is at the heart of this, because it can analyze the energy consumption of a distribution cabinet and precisely determine a point of the defective luminaire .
It is irrelevant whether it was earlier technologies such as discharge lamps or modern LED lights. In the later case, the system even helps to prevent the typical inrush currents and thus protect existing infrastructure.

Daniel Brand is supporting the CLSM startup team in business architecture and fine tuning of the system.

  • „Daniel knows the European and International market of outdoor lighting control very well.
    Beside his support in the roll-out strategy of CLSM technology, I am looking forward to work
    further with him!”

    Mr. Zvonko Magić
    Managing Director of Energy Plus, Croatia

+49 (0)5141 96699090